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What is “Sextortion?”

Lately, there are new forms of sextortion cropping up. The aggressor will gain personal information, or perhaps a nude photograph and will then threaten to send that photograph or disseminate that personal information unless the victim grants sexual favors, or often demands nude photographs or explicit videos.
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10 Telltale Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

I recently came across the article "10 Telltale Signs Your Child is Being Bullied," posted by Throggs net - La Famiglia Inc. (link below) While many of the signs are things most people associate with bullying - such as decrease in grades and unwillingness to discuss school, there are some surprises, like fidgeting.
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Miranda explained: When Does an Officer Have to Read Me My Rights?

Miranda applies when an officer has you (1) in custody; and (2) is interrogating you. Let’s take a look at these separately. “Custody” means you are either under arrest or you are detained, meaning a reasonable person would not feel that they are able to leave. This part is somewhat easy, but not without some Continue Reading
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