Should I plead to a “Wet and Reckless?”

A "wet and reckless" is a lesser-included offense of DUI charges.

I see a lot of people ask about wet and reckless charges or plead to them because it means lesser punishment. In actuality, a wet and reckless is the same as a DUI for purposes of priorability, meaning if you get another DUI within the next ten years, the wet you are asking for now will be used to increase the penalty in that future case in the same way as a DUI. Each conviction for DUI increases the penalty for the next during a ten year period and a fourth DUI in that time is a felony. In addition, if you are in an accident after having plead to a DUI or a wet, are found to have alcohol in your system, and that person dies as a result of injury, you can be charged with murder rather than manslaughter. A "wet" is much more serious than people assume. It is also a well-known lesser that will still impact your ability to get car insurance.

Be careful. Think through the big picture. Remember how long ten years can be. And then make your decision.

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